Our Process


step 1

Pick your package

Please take a look at our packages.

step 2

send your payment

We accept Venmo, Cashapp and PayPal.
Scan below to pay.

When paying with Venmo/Cash App, please leave your IG username or email address in the memo section. Send screenshot your payment to our IG page: isellwinners.

All other major credit/debit cards:
You can now buy packages directly through our website and will be provided a link via email upon purchase. If paying through PayPal, please ensure you leave a valid email address or IG username in the notes section so we can contact you with our Telegram chat.

step 3

download telegram app

Please download Telegram app through the iTunes Store. This will be our form of communication where you will receive our plays.

IMPORTANT: Please set your Telegram username the same (or similar) as your Instagram account.

You will also need an online betting account. We recommend using William Hill, as this is what we use. If you have any questions in how to place bets, please contact us.


We normally send plays between 7am-11am PST as well as throughout the day as lines move. It is your responsibility to know the time difference in your timezone.
“1 Unit” means 1 unit of your average bet. 2 units means double your average bet. We will rarely give out more than 2 units. Please do not bet beyond your means.
We are not responsible for bets that you make independently during your membership with us. If you want to be ahead of the game, we recommend that you only use our plays. All common sense.